About Us

A little bit about Aria Sounds...

Aria Sounds aims to bring virtual instruments at a more accessible price, for one very simple reason - so that more people can make great music!

So far we have covered a wide variety of solo instruments including traditional orchestral, as well as a variety of world instruments and percussion, plus our flagship "London Symphonic Strings", a 40 piece string orchestra sampled with a huge array of articulations.

Sales, Refunds and Legal

Please bear in mind, that all sales are final. We love helping our customers out with any issues they may have after purchase, and try our best to make everything crystal clear even before purchase, however due to the fact that our instruments cannot be license or product-key protected, we cannot offer refunds and returns, on the basis of not owning the correct version of Kontakt. All our products require the full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 (see each instrument for which version you need respectively). This is not the free Kontakt player - our instruments will NOT run in the free version of Kontakt.

Please note, purchase of these products grants a single license to the purchaser for their own personal or commercial use. The products may be used to further compose music without commercial limitation, however the software in itself, as well as ALL files included with the product may under no circumstances be shared by any means. Unauthorized distribution of our software is a breach of copyright, and strictly prohibited by law.