Woodwind Instruments

Here is a list of instruments Aria Sounds currently have available from the woodwind family.

Ethnic Flutes Bundle
£29.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £59.99)
Three fantastic sounding ethnic flutes, the Chinese Xiao, Indian Bansuri, both with true legato, plus the Bolivian Panpipes - exclusively available with this bundle.
Bansuri Flute
£19.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £35.99)
True legato play ability, along with a variety of different expressive performances of each note, including different ornaments, attacks, vibrato on/off and acceleration.
Chinese Xiao Flute
£19.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £35.99)
Beautiful, traditional Chinese bamboo flute with true legato sampling and many types of expression and articulation per note, for a truly human sound.