Pianos, Organs and other Keys

Below, you will find a list of Keyboard Instruments currently available at Aria Sounds

Silk Piano
£23.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £39.99)
A concert grand Fazioli piano, captured in all its sonic glory. One of the most sought after and prestigious pianos in the world, with an unmistakeable sound, including an unprecedented crystal clear low end.
Pipe Organ
£19.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £49.99)
A magnificent and huge church organ, with a GUI allowing you to pull out the stops on the interface just like on a real organ, to have full control over your organ sound.
£19.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £39.99)
The vol.1 of Hybrichord is our first exploration into what we can really get out of a normal piano, and the initial results are fantastic. Using various means of getting the instrument to vibrate, including wiring the instrument up, using magnets, electric current, etc, we managed to create some fantastic organic sounding sonic landscapes.