Here, you can see which bundles we have available. Steam a few instruments for just a fraction of the price!

LSS Solo Strings - Solo Strings Sample Library Bundle
£140.00 (Limited Time Only - RRP: £240)
16GB of absolute solo string realism, including multiple TRUE LEGATO, multiple types of TRUE RELEASES, four mic positions, fantastic musicianship and tone, trills, staccato with 8RR per dynamic layer and more...
London Symphonic Strings
£99.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £124.99)
Aria Sounds' flagship London Symphonic Strings - a 40 piece string orchestra for Kontakt 4 and above (full version only), with a huge range of articulations, true legato patches, types of legato, different short notes, various dynamic layers, string FX and much much more...
Ethnic Flutes
£29.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY - RRP: £59.99)
Three fantastic sounding ethnic flutes, the Chinese Xiao, Indian Bansuri, both with true legato, plus the Bolivian Panpipes - exclusively available with this bundle.